Our School

The first six years of a child’s life are vital. Our children learn moral values as well as life and educational skills in a loving family atmosphere.

It has been shown that the Children from Brak en Jan do perform very well in their future Primary Schools.

We have Teachers with many years experience all suitably trained.

We work with several Non Profit Organisations

The Learning Initiative and their “Blocks 4 Growth” and “Step Up” programmes who work with the Parents, Teachers and Children to ensure that the children are ready for the next step in their lives, Reception Class or Primary School.

Hemel op Aarde who mentor and work with the staff on a weekly basis as well as providing an educational program for the children.

Masikhule who provide themes and courses for the teachers.

The Forward Foundation, who have exercise routines with our 4-5 and 5-6 classes twice a week, this is having a huge impact on their physical abilities.

We provide meals twice a day for the children including ePap, which ensures that the children get the correct nutrients and vitamins to develop physically and mentally.

We have water harvesting as well as a Vegetable and Fruit Tree Garden. 

Brak en Jan is many children’s chance in life, offering Life Opportunities to over 100 hundred children. 

Grade R Class

Kagiso Reading Scheme (Sponsored by Heldeberg Sunrise Rotary Club)

Brak en Jan Computer Library (Donated by Hannover Hohes Ufer Lions Club) and our Blue Classroom (Donated by Chempac and Rory Antrobus)


Water Harvesting (Several tanks - Water used for toilets and gardens)

The Learning Initiative

Vegetable and Fruit Tree Garden

Great Play Area Spaces ( Grass and Jungle Gym donated by Bosch Primavera and Petra Symang )

Hemel op Aarde

Forward Foundation

Number Sense Books