Official Government Reception Class (5-6 Year Olds) 


The first six years of a child's life are vital.


The Children are protected from potential daytime issues by attending the school


The children learn moral values as well as life and educational skills


Children from Brak en Jan do perform better in their future Primary Schools


Brak en Jan is many children's chance in life, offering Life Opportunities to over 100 children a year


Early Childhood Development in partnership with Masikhule.


Five Classrooms


Computer Library


Water Wise School - Toilets and Washing Machine use reclaimed water from our water harvest tanks.


Kagiso Reading Scheme

Sponsored by Helderberg Sunrise Rotary Club.


Reading Eggs Interactive Reading Scheme  (Presently paused due to Pandemic backlog)

Chromebooks donated by Sponsors

Learner Registration sponsored by the Click Foundation.


Fully equiped Kitchen. 


Great outdoor play area - Two Trampolines (A small one for the infants)


Tree House


Shaded Sand Pit Area


Head Teacher - Mearle Hendricks


Eight  Classroom teachers (Including Teaching Assistant and Cook)


Vegetable Garden




Our New Extended Reception Classroom


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Reading Eggs Programme (Presently paused due to the Pandemic)


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Kagiso Reading Scheme (Sponsored by Heldeberg Sunrise Rotary Club)                                                                                                                                        


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Brak en Jan Computer Library (Donated by Hannover Hohes Ufer Lions Club) and our Blue Classroom (Donated by Chempac and Rory Antrobus)                                                                                          
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 Water Harvesting (Several tanks - Water used for toilets and gardens)
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The Learning Initiative


The Learning Initiative     (Click here )


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Forward Foundation


Forward Foundation     (click here)


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Vegetable and Fruit Tree Garden


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Great Play Area Spaces ( Grass and Jungle Gym donated by Bosch Primavera and Petra Symang )


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